Role and Functions

  1. The General Secretariat is in the process of setting up a core group of advisers to help OIC launch and sustain Sawt Al-Hikma: Center for Dialogue, Peace and Understaning in the manner that is strategic, encompassing, sophisticated, persuasive, and dynamic.
  2. The proposed core group of advisers is expected to be a diverse, multicultural and multidimensional group able to guide the functioning of the Center for Dialogue, Peace and Understaning in a professional manner.
  3. Some other specific functions of the Advisory Group include:
    • Evaluating and monitoring the work of the Center with a view to improving its contents, analyzing the impact, and enhancing the outreach to the target groups.
    • Contributing one article every four months on the relevant themes for publication and projection on the internet.
    • Participating in seminars/colloquiums once in every six months under the auspices of The Center for Dialogue, Peace and Understaning.
  4. The meetings of the Advisory Group shall be held every four month or earlier, if necessary. The Group may meet in Jeddah or any other convenient place.