Sawt Al-Hikma (The Voice of Wisdom)
Center for Dialogue, Peace and Understaning (CDPU)

  1. The establishment of the OIC Center for Dialogue, Peace and Understanding (CDPU) with Sawt Al-Hikma(the Voice of Wisdom) as its operational arm, is an important contribution by the OIC in the war against international terrorism and violent extremism. It works through internet and social media to delegitimize and deconstruct the extremist narratives propagated by terrorist and extremist forces. The CDPU has started its operations with effect from October 1, 2016 and its website was launched during the 43rd Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers held on 18-19 October at Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
  2. The duties and responsibilities of Sawt Al-Hikma(the Voice of Wisdom), inter alia, include:
    • i. Debunking terrorist narratives through counter messaging over social media sites;
    • ii. Messaging on specific ideological subjects targeting Muslim youth over identified social media sites;
    • iii. Preparation of videos and animations exposing the reality of terrorist groups;
    • iv. Juxtaposing true interpretations of Quran and Hadith against the misinterpretations disseminated by terrorist groups;
    • v. Propagating the correct perspective of the policies of the OIC Member States policies. Material will be obtained from the Member States and effectively spread through the Center to reach the targeted audience;
    • vi. Serving as a resource bank for regional and local CVE/PVE initiatives;
    • vii. Evaluating current efforts and programs for countering violent extremism, specifically the development of alternative narratives, and pre-empting conditions which breed extremist discourse; and
    • viii. Coordinating, cooperating and collaborating with other stakeholders in countering violent extremism.
  3. Sawt Al-Hikma (The Voice of Wisdom) acts in support of the CDPU in counter messaging, developing authentic narrative to delegitimize the extremist discourse and projecting the true message of Islam through the social media and the internet. The overall responsibility to plan and undertake activities that contribute in providing intellectual and ideological foundations to the larger efforts for promoting respect for diversity, values of moderation, tolerance, peaceful co-existence and building bridges with Muslim communities in non-OIC states, rests with the CDPU. Such outreach efforts would focus on both generic and specific themes including concept of Jehad in Islam, Islamic guidelines during war, treatment of prisoners of war, Takfiri ideology, family values, societal behavior, protection for cultural diversity, Islamophobia, Media and Violence, and alike.