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The Love Story Between Engineering and Terrorism!

Extremist and Jihadist groups suffer of a chronic problem that causes a great rift between their ideology and to what extent does that doctrine concord with the true teachings of the Islamic religion. This ideological and historical dilemma stems from the fact that most leaders and ideologues in such movements are non-specialists in Sharia and Islamic studies, and don’t in the first place possess sufficiently extensive knowledge in the studies of the Quran and Sunnah which they are supposed to base their fatwas of legalizing bloodshed on. What troubles me is always wondering about why didn’t any senior scholars of al-Azhar al-Sharief, al-Harameen, Al-Quaraouiyine University or other major Islamic teaching centers declare the opening and mobilization for Jihad here and the ... more

What is the best policy to confront extremist and terrorism in the Muslim world?
Military and tight security policies
Refuit the religious bases of extremism
Containment policies
There is no way to confront terrorism
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Sawt Al-Hikma (The Voice of Wisdom)

Sawt Al-Hikma has been created in response to the growing desire from the OIC member states and the wider international community for the establishment of a center to address the multifaceted dimensions of the phenomenon of violent extremism and terrorism through internet and social media, delegitimize and deconstruct the extremist narratives and promote positive alternatives.

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